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Opt-up to a greener power supply at home; reduce your everyday carbon emissions

Updated: Sep 6


Have you joined Montclair's Energy Aggregation program with PSE&G, to opt-up for a greener power supply to your home? The more of us who participate, the bigger the impact!

If you opted out of the program last Spring and had a change of heart (we hope you did), you can still make the switch to more renewable energy by calling Energy Harbor at 866-636-3749. Not only will your electricity be supplied by more clean/renewable energy - 40% (up from 23%) - but you'll be encouraging industry to increase the supply of renewables.

If you want to opt-up to 100% renewable energy through this program, the next opportunity will be April 2022 when the contract is renegotiated.

Why not start with 40% renewable energy today?

2021-02-11 Update

Sustainable Essex Alliance Round 2 will begin in April 2021. "Once again, we will now receive almost double the amount of cleaner, renewably-generated electricity, at no additional cost, in fact lowering PSE&G electricity supply rates over the term of the contract." New with this contract is the ability to Opt-UP to 100% renewable energy.

Find all the information you need in the Energy Aggregation Program FAQ's.


The full announcement from the Township can be found here.

Two years ago, five Essex County municipalities – Glen Ridge, Maplewood, Montclair, South Orange and Verona – formed the Sustainable Essex Alliance (SEA) to promote high quality green energy and reduce the cost of electricity for our residents. The SEA’s energy consultant, Gabel Associates, estimated that in the first 12 months of the program the aggregate savings for the participating residents in Montclair was $684,000. The current contract with Direct Energy ends in December 2020. The SEA has now expanded to include Glen Rock and Livingston and has awarded a contract to Energy Harbor for Round 2.

Under the new contract with Energy Harbor, the baseline product will again provide participating residents with power supply that has nearly double the renewable energy content required of PSE&G, at a price of $.12830/kwh, which is well below the current average Basic Generation Service tariff price of PSE&G. Therefore, residents can expect to receive power supply under Round 2 of the SEA program that is greener than utility-provided power supply, and at a cost that is expected to be lower than the cost of utility-provided power supply over the contract term. See the announcement linked above for full details.