• Trees & Natural Resources Committee

Every Yard Counts! Take action. Boast about it.

Updated: Sep 17

Our yards are not worlds unto themselves. Each of our yards is connected to and contributes to a larger community common of land, air and water. With increasing awareness of climate change and biodiversity crises, and recent flooding from storms, now is the time to take action and boast about it!

Maybe you’ve been at it for years and deserve recognition. Maybe you are proud of your new idea for water conservation. Maybe you want to learn more and be part of the call to action. Let us know and inspire others!

How it works:

1. Review the categories/actions; then complete the short survey

Is your Montclair yard an:

Air Pollution Preventer?

Food Producer?

Tree & Natives Preserver?

Water Cleaner (& storm-water runoff reducer)?

Water Conserver?

Wildlife Protector?

Let us know what you do/plan to do, learn tips, and be counted!

2. Inspire others - We’ll report back the collective results & impacts.

3. Raise funds for hunger while you’re at it – With 250 survey responses, generous residents will donate $500 to Toni’s Kitchen.

4. The ultimate honor - If your yard counts in all 6 categories you become a Montclair Eco Yard Champion to be recognized, publicly, for your great contribution to the community and environment!

Get started now - review the categories/actions & complete the short survey

Coming soon! Every Home Counts! How is your home reducing emissions through energy efficiency, electric heating/cooling, renewable power, EV driving, and more?