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MEC Supports SAFE Complete Streets

The best way to save energy is to not use it at all. That is the beauty of the SAFE Complete Streets Implementation Plan. The Environmental Commission fully supports the SAFE Complete Streets program which will make Montclair more friendly to local cyclists and walkers while continuing to provide easy access to local stores and restaurants by car.

Montclair is already a Silver Level Walk Friendly Community and has an active cycling community, but we can do more. The Street Design Guide that will be made as a result of SAFE Complete Streets will allow Montclair to continue to evolve into a town in which the forms of transportation that are most beneficial to human health have a safe place to be.

Town Council Member Peter Yacobellis wrote an Op-Ed sharing his ideas about why this will be beneficial to the town and busted a few myths at the same time.

A draft of the plan can be found here.


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