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Try community solar when you can't install your own solar panels (but install your own if you can!)

Updated: Sep 9

Community Solar is a great idea for both homeowners, renters and businesses who can't install their own solar roof panels due to too many shade trees, or other constraints. Essentially you subscribe to a share of a solar farm located offsite on a commercial rooftop, landfill, or parking lot canopy, for example.

Your household can subscribe to a project within your utility area (PSE&G) for the amount of electricity your home uses. The array’s solar panels create electricity every day and feed that power into the grid. You will receive a credit on your bill to reflect profits from the array’s generated energy.

Typically, after deducting the subscription fee, customers can expect to see a 10% net savings on their electricity bills. All electric utility customers in New Jersey can participate.

One place to search for a program to join is through Energy Sage - an online marketplace developed with the support of the U.S. Department of Energy. You can research and shop for community solar providers online that serve our utility area.

Of course, producing your own energy is a great way to go and solar panels will give you great autonomy and savings on your energy bill. There are tax incentives and the ability to sell back your excess electricity produced. Energy Sage can help you determine if you are a good fit for roof panels and companies that can help.