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Resolutions, Letters of Support and Other Work

Updated: Jun 13, 2023


The Montclair Environmental Commission strongly supports a full ban on gas powered leaf blowers in Montclair on both private and public properties with no exceptions. This is one way we can improve living conditions and reduce pollution. We support moving toward eliminating the use of fossil fuels entirely to combat climate change.


To effectively manage expected higher intensity rainfall (2-year storm = 3.3” in 24 hours), and reduce the incidents of and severity of local flooding, we believe this recommended mix of regulation, incentives and creative funding are necessary.


"The Essex Hudson Greenway Project sets the stage for the creation of a nearly nine-mile transformational linear park that will ultimately live as a joint greenspace owned by Essex and Hudson Counties." With one end in Montclair, we are all for it! The Township applied for a grant from the NJOT for improvements associated with this project, the resolution approving that application can be found here. If you would also like to support the Greenway, you can do that here.


On request of the Township Council, MEC compiled research and recommended a plan for humane geese management.


MEC Response to S2505 , encourages Township to pass a Resolution opposing S2505


A proposed New Jersey bill would have given public utilities too much authority around tree removal decisions on private and public properties.


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