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Natural Resources

Trees & Natural Resources

Focused on protecting our native tree canopy, open spaces, water, and other natural resources

Members: Suzanne Aptman, Mac Carbonell, Imke Oster,

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Energy Conservation & Transportation

Work on projects to help the town transition to renewable energy, EV vehicles and measure its impact

Members: Suzanne Aptman, Bill Martens, Ben Rich

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Site Plan Review

Green Development & Site Plan Review

How is the MEC improving buildings practices in Montclair?

The MEC reviews and provides recommendations to increase or improve environmental features in both large and small developments in the Township. We advocate for increasing green and open spaces, restoring the natural water cycle through increased use of green infrastructure practices, and using native plant landscaping. The MEC led the efforts to implement a Township-wide Green Building Policy and to require an environmental assessment for certain developments.



What small building changes have a big environmental impact?

Green buildings and sustainable design reduce carbon emissions, require less energy and water usage, and provide healthier living environments for our residents. For example, the installation of electric car charging stations encourages the shift away from gasoline-powered vehicles and towards vehicles with less air pollution. Native plantings require fewer pesticides, less water, less maintenance (including with gasoline-powered equipment); they are more resistant to local weather conditions, and provide natural habitat for local fauna.

How can the community inform our building decisions?

Active participation in the process is the best way to influence building decisions. The MEC welcomes participation in its site plan review efforts of development projects within the Township. Community members may also provide comment on proposed developments at both Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment meetings.

Members: Ben Rich, Mac Carbonnell, Bill Martens

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Recycling & Waste Reduction

Focused on improving communication about proper recycling, reducing waste, and reducing pollution of our land, air, and water.

Members: Janine Salvador, Nicol Sobczyk

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Public outreach, education and communication. 

Members: Suzanne Aptman, Janine Salvador, Nicol Sobczyk

Other Work

Other Work & News

MEC works with other municipal departments and non-profit organizations doing work that supports, protects and regenerates our natural environment.  Here are some projects that we and others are working on.

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